About us

Born and raised on the West coast, we have seen first hand the need for the world to become more sustainable.

Our most common questions and answers


  • How much does shipping cost?

Shipping will be calculated at checkout based on a number of reasons; your item, amount of items, value, and most importantly - weight.

  • Which shipping carriers do you use?

We currently use EVRI shipping for UK buyers. Royal Mail international tracked is used for ROW purchases.

  • Where do you deliver to?

As we have just started this website up and are trying to find our feet

  • When will my order be shipped?

For UK based buyers your purchase will typically be posted on, or the day after, purchase. For ROW buyers it may be slightly longer but will normally be sent off 1-2 days after purchase. please keep in mind that we are a small company and cannot always guarantee these posting times. however, we will always be transparent with you and let you know as soon as your purchase has left us to begin its journey over to you.

  • Can i change my details after purchase?

Not currently, we are looking into improving this soon. We advise you check your details twice before continuing on with your purchase. If you still have an issue, please feel free to contact us.

  • How can i track my order?

After your purchase you should receive an email conformation. Once we have shipped your item we will send the tracking info to the same email for you to look at however you choose.


  • When do you add items to the site?

At the moment we add products as-and-when we have them ready to post, however we plan to decide on a dedicated weekly release date for future drops.

  • Do you have any reviews?

We do! We currently have over 1150 5* reviews on our separate start up site. We have decided to move over to a website to be more professional and grow our Vintage love!

  • Do you do returns and exchanges?

We accept returns for the following reasons;

- Your item has stated in the description that returns are accepted. We typically do this for high value items/ single items over 150GBP.

- You have found a significant issue with your item that was not stated in the description. We will need to see proof of this damage within 30 days after despatch.

- You were sent the wrong item.

We will happily pay for the return if it is an issue at our end.

What we do not accept returns for;

- The item doesn't fit/you do not like the fit of the item. We provide measurements for non-prebin items that we encourage you to check before purchase. Because we have provided these details we do not accept refunds as the issue is not at our end.

- Damage at your end/damage in transit. We cannot accept any responsibility for issues caused once the item is in your care/on its way to you. If the item is lost or stolen, we can provide details on how to make a claim with the shipping company chosen.

  • Where do you source your items?

Our items come from all over the world. We cannot always be sure of their exact origin so we don't state anything about this in our descriptions. What we do know though, is that they are all beautiful and all need a second chance to be loved!

  • How can i be sure my order will be of good quality?

We hand check each item individually in a two step thorough process. Any noticeable defects will be noted in the description/photos. As we are only human, items may arrive with some non-stated defects if we haven't managed to detect them. All our items are Vintage and Pre-loved so will show some signs of wear.

  • what does "pre-bin" mean?

"Pre-bin" is a term given to clothing that is initially uploaded to a site at a reduced cost/unwashed/lightly checked over. These items will only be labelled as pre-bin for a short period of time and are available to people who are happy to pay a little less money for an item, along with less information before its price increases and info is updated. These items will not have measurements provided or have been thoroughly checked over before being uploaded. Noticeable defects will be noted along with size approximation. We do not accept refunds on prebins.

  • Who do i contact if i need assistance?

We are currently in the process of creating a business email for contacting and inquiries. For the time being the best port of contact will be the member Acefentura on vinted. We will update this section as soon as this changes.

  • Are all your clothes clean?

Due to the large quantity of clothes we sort through daily, we do not exclusively wash all our items. Some items which we find large marks on do get washed to see if they can be removed and will therefor smell super fresh and clean upon arrival. Our Prebin stock is not washed. With all our items (prebin or not), they will arrive neat, tidy, and fully hygienic. Your item may come to you with a dull aroma and have some creasing due to being stored.

  • Do you offer a student discount?

We do not currently offer a student discount. This is something we are currently looking into and will update you on soon!

  • Where are you based? Do you have a physical store?

We are based within Liverpool, UK. At the moment, we currently do not have a physical store but do plan on doing some potential pop-ups in the future.

  • Are you sustainable?

All our packaging can be fully recycled. We use specially designed bags for this reason and paper tape to attach your shipping label.


  • What payment methods do you take?

We currently take all the main cards like Visa, Debit and Credit cars. You can also pay through apple pay and paypal if you prefer.

  • What currencies do you accept?

Currently we are only operating in GBP and USD but are looking to expand further very soon. We will be installing a currency converter onto the website to make is super easy for everyone to shop in their own currency! We really appreciate your patience with this.


  • How do i know my item will fit me?

All our non-prebin items will have several measurements provided in the description. we strongly advise you to compare these measurements to something you already like the fit of at home. Most of our items will be photographed as worn-on shots to help you compare how they fit. you can find our models measurements below.

  • Are your items unisex?

Our items can be worn however you choose! in some of our descriptions we may offer the corresponding male to female size guide, but this is only on selected items. We encourage you, if you are trying to find something specific, to check both the Male and Female categories for that item as there may be something which corresponds with your size.

  • How accurate is your sizing?

All our sizing is based off our UK size guide, so, for example we may label a US XL as a UK L. As with all our non-prebin items there will be measurements in the description that correspond with the size estimation given. We strongly encourage you to compare these measurements to something you already like the fit of at home. we do not offer refunds based on ill fitting items.

  • What size are your models?

Our male model is 5'11 with a 38-40 chest and normally wears a UK mens Medium in clothing. Our female model is 5'6 and usually wears a UK 4-6 in clothing.